City of Freeport

NE Large City


Government Council
Population ~14,500 (6,300 humans; 2,250 halflings; 2,000 goblinoids; 1,400 orcs/half-orcs; 1,350 dwarves; 350 elves/half-elves; 350 trolls; 500 other)
Special For other settlement statistics, see the entries for individual districts in subsequent chapters. Where applicable, those district entries all start with the basic statistics shown here, modified further as appropriate for that part of the city.

Freeport Magic Items for Sale

Ten Things You Should Know

If you’re thinking about visiting Freeport, there are a few things you should know if you value your coins, your life, and maybe even your soul. (Leave it to ol’ Pious Pete.)

  • Put your purse near your jewels. Freeport is notorious for thievery, and many people lose their fortunes within ten steps of the boat that carried them here. Stick your valuables in places no thief would want to go reaching for them.
  • Mind your manners. Don’t like orcs? Keep it to yourself. Say the wrong thing, and you’re bound to lose a few teeth. Say it twice, and you’ll be lucky to escape with your life.
  • Use small coins. You might have a lot of money now, but you won’t keep it for long if you’re not careful. Pay for everything in the smallest coin possible, within reason. Don’t pay for a sword in pennies, though: haul out a thousand copper bits and you’ll get kicked to the gutter, and rightly so.
  • Keep your eyes on your shoes. Gaping about like a foreigner is a sure way to get yourself robbed, stabbed, and raped. Or maybe all three. Freeport isn’t a place for the witless.
  • If you’re lost, look for the walls. Freeport doesn’t have any conveniences like signs. (Most folks can’t read anyway.) The best landmark is the Old City Walls. You can’t miss them. If they’re in front of you, you’re in the Docks; behind you, you’re in Drac’s End; if they’re to the east, you’re in the Merchant District; and to the west, well, you’re either in the Eastern District or about to enter a world of pain (that’s Scurvytown or Bloodsalt, if yer not paying attention).
  • The Watch doesn’t give a damn. The Freeport Watch is a sorry excuse for law enforcement. You feel you’ve been wronged? Get over it. The Watch doesn’t care one whit for your troubles. In fact, they might just make more for you.
  • The Sea Lord’s in charge. The current Sea Lord is a woman, but you don’t want to mess with her. Her word is law, and that’s all you need to know.
  • Stay out of Bloodsalt. Unless you have orc or goblin blood in your veins—and maybe even then—don’t go here. You’re going to ignore this advice, but consider yourself warned.
  • Avoid the Scurvytown prostitutes. The ones from the Docks aren’t much better, but odds are, aside from the few coins you spent on “entertainment” in the Docks, you’ll come away with everything you brought with you. You might also come away with something more, and it’ll itch like hell.
  • Don’t trust anyone. Not even me.

City of Freeport

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