To Sail A Bloody Sea

Battling the Brine Witch
Group XP: 3800 (Individual: 760)
Hunting the Brine Witch
Group XP: 2600 (Individual 650)

After the events of the Asylum, the watch came calling the next morning. Garak was away, following up leads with the Shipping News; while Chunie and Elestriel decided that local law enforcement was something they had no wish to talk too. This left Karma and Strom behind to try to explain just how pirates, cultists, and adventurers all wound up at the Asylum.

Chunie and Elestriel decided to visit family in the Bloodsalts, at which point they got jumped by the Blackened Knot. The two held their own, and managed to drive most of them off. They made it their family where they spent the night.

The next day, they decided to follow up on the journal by visiting Kafe Ilkin, and its proprietor, Arzu. On the way, they were jumped by assassins, including a half-elf witch, a jugnle troll named “Eye-Biter”, and a couple of bowmen. Fleeing from the group, they managed to lose the archers, but found themselves pinned in an alley. Marshaling their resources, they managed to put down Eye-Biter, causing the half-elf to flee.

And then things got weird…

A floating … head … with horns appeared from nowhere. Shocked by it’s appearance, it attacked Karma, damaging her arm and poisoning her with its bite. Their weapons were proving ineffective, but the creature seemed to have had enough and fled.

Talking to Arzu, revealed the myths of the Outcast Ones. Corrupted genie who imprisoned in the Bleeding Oasis. The Obsidian Sand is a remnant of the Bleeding Oasis, and is weakening the barriers between worlds.

The party goes out to collect cold iron weapons, supposedly one of the few items that can hurt the Outcast Ones, but they find the city has had a rush on all cold iron items. The most they can find at this time is a cutlass, crossbow bolts, and some bullets for the gunslinger. As they make their way to encamp for the night, a figure (possibly the Brine Witch) sends … something … that brushes against the leg of Karma, but with no seeming effect.

And this is where the party encamps for the night.

A Cursed Freeport ... Moreso than Usual
Auto Advance to 2nd level
Welcome to Freeport

It starts with a voyage. You all have your various reasons for being here. Some of you may be ships crew, some may be passengers on their way elsewhere, and some of you may be escorting cargo or other valuables for consignment. The Sea Griffon had seen better days, but you were expecting no trouble as you departed the Ivory Coasts. Unfortunately, about four days out of Freeport, an unexpected squall slammed into the Sea Griffon. What age had started, the storm drove the final dagger. The surviving crew and passengers fought valiantly, knowing survival rested in everyone’s hands. The Sea Griffon was afloat, and could sail, but everyone knew it was her final voyage. Now you have moored out from one of the small spits of land that dot the ocean, unloading heavy cargo to be fetched at a later time, and making what repairs you can to keep the ship afloat as long as you can.


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