Gods of Freeport

These are the Primary Gods in the Human Lands, but others can be found. Tagmatans worship the Light, a monotheistic religion, while the Hobgoblins worship the Darkness.

Neutral Gods

Deity Role AL Domains Subdomains Favored Weapons
Nodens, God of the Sea Major CN Air, Destruction, Travel, Water, Weather Catastrophe, Exploration, Flotsam, Oceans, Storms, Wind Trident
The Green Man, God of Nature Lesser N Animal, Darkness, Earth, Plant, Weather Caves, Feather, Fur, Growth, Moon Flail
Titania, Goddess of Magic Lesser LN Artifice, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune Arcane, Construct, Divine, Language, Thought, Wards Quarterstaff
Comath, God of Retribution Lesser LN Death, Destruction, Law, Retribution*, War Blood, Hatred, Judgement, Murder, Rage Battleaxe
Taranis, God of Storms Lesser CN Air, Chaos, Destruction, Water, Weather Catastrophe, Cloud, Entropy, Ice, Storms, Wind Warhammer
Sabazion, God of War Lesser CN Destruction, Glory, Protection, Strength, War Defense, Fist, Ferocity, Heroism, Rage, Tactics Greatsword
Halas, God of Commerce Minor N Artifice, Community, Knowledge, Travel, Water Cooperation, Exploration, Memory, Rivers, Toil, Trade Club
Tyche, Goddess of Luck Minor CN Chaos, Liberation, Luck, Madness, Trickery Curse, Deception, Fate, Greed, Insanity, Revelry Staff-spear
Isha, Goddess of Lust Minor CN Charm, Healing, Luck, Strength, Trickery Imagination, Inuendo, Lust, Madness, Restoration, Whimsy Shortbow
The Traveller, God of Roads Minor N Community, Earth, Liberation, Protection, Travel Home, Defense, Freedom, Solitude, Trade Longbow
Melkarth, God of Strength Minor N Glory, Plant, Protection, Strength, War Defense, Fist, Growth, Heroism, Resolve Heavy Mace

Good Gods

Deity Role AL Domains Subdomains Favored Weapons
Garavan, God of Knowledge Major NG Community, Good, Knowledge, Protection, Void Agathion, Cooperation, isolation, Memory, Solitude, Stars Quarterstaff
Labradian, God of Justice Lesser LG Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Sun Cooperation, Judgment, Leadership, Martyr, Redemption, Revelation Longsword
Thymbar, God of Healing Minor NG Charm, Healing, Magic, Protection, Repose Divine, Love, Psychopomp, Purity, Restoration, Resurrection Dagger
Kyria Min, Goddess of Life Minor NG Animal, Community, Good, War, Water Blood, Family, Flowing, Friendship, Home, Resurrection Spear
Zagreus. God of Penitence Minor CG Chaos, Community, Good, Liberation, Nobility Azata, Freedom, Martyr, Redemption, Revolution Cat-o’-nine-tails
Etain, Goddess of the Sun Minor NG Air, Fire, Nobility, Plant, Sun Aristocracy, Day, Cloud, Growth, Light, Revelation Morningstar
Arrety, Goddess of Valor Minor CG Glory, Liberation, Protection, Strength, War Ferocity, Heroism, Honor, Resolve, Revolution Rapier

Evil Gods

Deity Role AL Domains Subdomains Favored Weapons
Morrigan, Goddess of Death Major LE Darkness, Death, Destruction, Law, Luck Catastrophe, Fate, Judgment, Loss, Undead Scythe
Moloch, God of Murder Lesser CE Chaos, Darkness, Death, Evil, Trickery Ambush, Deception, Demon, Fear, Murder, Night Garrote
Harrimast, God of Pirates Major CN Air, Fire, Trickery, War, Water Arson, Flotsam, Tactics, Thievery, Smoke, Wind Cutlass
Vandigar, God of Thieves Lesser NE Artifice, Charm, Darkness, Evil, Trickery Corruption, Greed, Loss, Night, Thievery, Trap Short sword

Unique Gods

Deity Role AL Domains Subdomains Favored Weapons
Crawling Chaos Elder CN Chaos, Darkness, Death, Magic, Void Arcane, Dark Tapestry, Entropy, Night, Protean Chakram
Unspeakable One Elder CE Chaos, Evil, Madness, Unspeakable*, Void Cannibalism, Entropy, Fear, Insanity, Isolation, Nightmare Kukri
Abaddon Major LE Destruction, Evil, Law, Luck, War Blood, Catastrophe, Curse, Kyton, Torture Armor spikes
Dagon Minor CE Chaos, Darkness, Madness, Strength, Water Ferocity, Moon, Nightmare, Oceans, Revelry Net
Oona, Cannibal Spirit Minor NE Destrution, Evil, Madness, Repose, Trickery Ancestors, Cannibalism, Deception, Insanity, Rage, Torture Handaxe
Yig, Hitthkai Y Aspect N N Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Scalykind, Trickery Arcane, Deception, Memory, Thought, Venom, Wards Scimitar
Yig, Sskethval Y Aspect NE NE Destruction, Fire, Scalykind, Strength, War Ash, Blood, Ferocity, Hatred, Rage, Saurian Falchion

*This domain is presented in the Freeport Guide.
Y The serpent people of Valossa worship only one god, Yig, who has multiple aspects. Only two aspects are known to be worshiped among the surviving serpent people in Freeport today.

Gods of Freeport

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