Books and Resources

Green Ronin Material*

Players Guide to Freeport/Freeport: City of Adventure
- Cavalier Orders of Freeport
- Inquistor Spells of Freeport
- Magic Firearms of Freeport
- Thanemages of Freeport
- Witch Patrons of Freeport

Frog God Games**

Fire as She Bears

Paizo Material

Pathfinder RPG
Ultimate Intrigue
Horror Adventures

Advanced Class Guide
Advanced Player’s Guide
Advanced Race Guide
Occult Adventures
Pathfinder Unchained
Ultimate Campaign
Ultimate Combat
Ultimate Equipment
Ultimate Magic
Ultimate Wilderness

Player Companions
Adventurer’s Armory
Adventurer’s Armory 2
Animal Archive
Armor Master’s Handbook
Black Markets
Cohorts and Companions
Dirty Tactics Toolbox
Familiar Folio
Melee Tactic’s Handbook
Pirates of the Inner Sea
Weapon Master’s Handbook

Campaign Setting
Inner Sea Magic

*Green Ronin introduced insanity and horror rules in Freeport: COA. These rules have been superseded by Horror Adventures. Please be aware when picking Feats & Traits, that they may refer to rules we are not using. If something looks good, but refers to these rules, please ask and I can figure out a way to adjust them to fit the Paizo ruleset.

**Frog God has introduced some interesting rules and equipment, that also includes feats that either duplicate or are superior to class features. I will be breaking out the stuff that fits and leaving others behind.

Books and Resources

To Sail A Bloody Sea Mach5RR